AutomotiveTouchup Helps Racers Look Great For Fans And Sponsors Alike


AutomotiveTouchup, the nation’s leading provider of specialty automotive pens, touch up bottles, aerosol spray paint and ready to spray products can help everyone from weekend warriors to professional race teams keep their race vehicles looking great.

Just like driving their prized cars on the street, the chance opportunity for scrapes and scratches is always present. AutomotiveTouchup is there to help keep their car looking great with their high-quality line of automotive touch up paints and products. AutomotiveTouchup’s extensive line of over 60,000 original OEM colors employs over 300,000 custom-mixed formulas for the ultimate in color-matching and simplicity.

From privateers to professional level race teams, the cars need to look good for the sponsors as well as the fans in the stands. When they get a scrape, nick or an even bigger issue, such as an entire body panel that must be repainted, AutomotiveTouchup is there to help. They have touch up paints available in either easy-applicator pens or ½-oz. and 2-oz. bottles that have a handy applicator brush included. Teams can also have touch-up paints in their trailer or hauling rig to have on-hand for minor pit repairs. Large areas can be addressed using one of AutomotiveTouchup’s aerosol cans, or for even larger areas, another option is quart-sized or gallon-sized cans of paint in ready to spray from in a color that is guaranteed to match the race team’s color scheme.

Many of today’s new performance cars are proving to be track-capable and with AutomotiveTouchup’s line of re-finishing products and related accessories, racers and performance enthusiasts alike can push their cars to the limit without the trouble of having to head to the paint booth between race weekends.

What Others Have To Say:

I used the paint to perform body repairs on a road-course race car that I own. The vehicle was previously repainted using a factory original GM color, although not original to the vehicle. The color match was very, very close. So close that I intend to respray the previously made repairs that were made with paint from another paint source. Great product!”Van B., Lanexa, VA

“I scraped and badly scratched the plastic “splitter lip” on my Porsche Cayman R front spoiler at a race track when the car rolled forward in neutral and hit a Pit wall while I was adjusting a dash cam and wasn’t paying attention. A new unpainted splitter piece was $270 from a dealer. I repaired the scrape and your Guards Red paint and Clear Coat was a perfect match to the factory color. The do-it-myself fix was a fraction of the cost of a professional repair and no one but me will ever notice the difference!”Brian S., Pittsburgh, PA

“I’ve had several experiences with the Automotive Touchup Group and each time has been excellent. We’ve touched-up cars and painted an entire race car beautifully with base/clear that has survived seven seasons of SCCA racing. Every touch-up has matched spot-on with the OEM color and the dry time, finish appearance and gloss after color sanding and polishing has made repairs invisible.”Kevin W., Germantown, WI.

About AutomotiveTouchup

Headquartered in New Orleans, AutomotiveTouchup is a division of Microfinish LLC, which produces coatings for vehicular and industrial equipment repair and refinishing in a state-of-the-art facility. By manufacturing its products to exacting standards, Microfinish has reduced volatile organic compound levels to below Department of Environmental Quality regulations and industry standards.

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