Upgraded Eagle Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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ArcOne Eagle helmet

ArcOne® has redesigned the Eagle® helmet to meet the highest demands from welding. The new and improved Industrial Grade Eagle® is the first helmet designed for respiratory protection and standard welding.

Learn more at www.arc1weldsafe.com.





Bolt Buster High Power Heat Induction Tool

Bolt Buster BB2X HIGH POWER high-frequency heat induction tool will heat up anything metallic quickly & precisely without an open flame. True 1800 Watts of power.

Learn more at www.boltbusterinc.com.

133 Pc Metric Tool Set & EVA Foam Tool Control Inserts

133 Pc Metric Hand Tool Set in a Hand Carry 3 Drawer Metal Tool Box. Tools are Set in EVA Foam Tool Control Inserts. The toolset includes: 1/4″ & 3/8 Drive 12 Pt Metric Standard & Deep Sockets with 90 Tooth Hand Ratchets, Extensions & Accessories.

Learn more at www.boxousa.com.

Hardworking Legendary Pliers

A unique jaw design creates more points of contact on round stock and tubing. This creates a stronger bite and more control – all with the legendary strength of a CHANNELLOCK® Tongue and Groove Plier.




CP Cordless Angle Grinder

The CP Cordless Angle Grinder has been designed for high comfort. The tight housing allows for a thin handle and side handle at 15 degree Battery position allows better handling for cutting and grinding precision

For more information, visit www.cp.com

The Detail Mate PRO

The Detail Mate PRO is a multifunctional auto detailing cleaning tool that can be used to quickly and easily clean both tight spaces and larger areas. Featuring a lightweight and long neck design to reach these difficult locations.


Learn more at www.thedetailmate.com


Trail Lock Tool Box

TrailFX Trail Lock tool boxes protect your tools and property. This new 16 gauge aluminum design is strong, durable and has a patented Up-and-Over Rod that passes through multiple points for maximum security.

Learn more at www.trailfx.com.

232-PC. 1/4″, 3/8″ Metric & SAE Mechanics Hand Tool Set

The GEARWRENCH Metric/SAE Mechanics Hand Tool Set is for pros who need an easily portable set of quality tools. Set includes ratcheting combination wrenches, 1/4 and 3/8 drive teardrop ratchets, standard and deep sockets, and more.

Learn more at www.gearwrench.com           

Huth Manual Rod Bender HMRB6017

A quick solution for bending up to 3/8″ rod using the rotation leverage of a 1/2″ pin and can bend up to 1/4″ x 1″ flat stock. The HMRB6017 easily bends steel metal rods for many uses such as exhaust hanging brackets and other metal fabrication.

Learn more at www.huthbenders.com



Portable Plasma Power from Hypertherm

Delivering maximum power and performance for air plasma, the Powermax125® plasma system cuts thick metals fast. The system offers a 100% duty cycle, a 25 mm (1″) mechanized pierce capability, and fast gouging metal removal.

Learn more at www.hypertherm.com

IQV20 Cordless Impactool

The powerful 3/8″ Cordless Impactool delivers 550 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and 365 ft-lbs of max torque. Also included is the IQV Power Control System and a 360 degree shadowless 60 lumen LED light ring.

Learn more at www.irtools.com.

Automatically Adjust to Any Workpiece in the Field

The 10″ Universal Gripping Pliers feature a unique, pivoting bottom jaw that automatically adjusts to any workpiece in the field, including square, round, hex and flat materials. The heavy-duty design makes the pliers ideal for secure, one-handed operation.



MiG Buddy – Like Having a Third Hand

First Runner up of SEMA’s New Product Awards for Collision Repair & Refinish Product, the MiG Buddy is a welding gun holster for most brands of MIG welding guns.

For more information, visit www.migbuddy.com

Removing rust and sealants in Difficult to Reach Areas

The Die Blaster surface preparation tool is a unique tool for automobile body shops to quickly remove coatings, corrosion and sealants from hard-to-reach areas. The Die Blaster has a 90-degree angled head for easier access and an Accelerator Bar for roughness.


Portable Lift QuickJack has your back

You can take the BL-5000SLX with you almost anywhere. Toss it in the trunk or backseat when you’re on the move. After an initial one-time assembly, setting up your QuickJack is a snap.

Learn more at www.quickjack.com

Ramp it up with Race Ramps

The go-to solution for loading low-clearance vehicles. Trailer Ramps extend the current trailer door/ramp to decrease the angle of approach and enable a low-clearance vehicle to safely load without contact, thus eliminating the need to remove bumpers.

Learn more at www.raceramps.com

Cordless Rivet Tool

The RTC-1500K cordless rivet tool from Racing Rivets is capability of setting 3/16″ diameter aluminum body rivets with steel mandrels and smaller. Comes with two lithium 14.4v batteries, charger, five different nosepieces and blow-molded carrying case.

Learn more at www.racingrivets.com


Giga Hook for Off-Road Recovery

The Rugged Ridge Giga Hook is not just another recovery hook. It’s massive, oversized scorpion-tail styling makes it as attention-grabbing as it is functional. Tooled from high-strength AISI 4340 carbon steel, packing enough brute strength to manage the toughest off-road recoveries.

Learn more at www.ruggedridge.com


Twist Lock Hose Assembly Tool

Russell’s all-new Twist Lock Hose Assembly tool. This tool will allow you to easily assemble twist lock hose and fitting combinations. It can be mounted in a vice, and only hand power is needed! This will simplify all of your twist lock pluming projects.

Learn more at www.russellperformance.com


Reversible Flex Cut Off Tool

The SP Air Corporation Reversible Flex Head Cut Off Tool features a three position flexible head for greater access to tight workplaces and an ergonomic design with a cushion grip handle.

Learn more www.spairusa.com



Duramax LML Fan Pulley Holder

The 14300 Duramax Fan Pulley Holder from SP Tools solves a simple problem and allows technicians to securely hold the 2011 Duramax fan pulley in place. it provides enough leverage to help remove stubborn fan nuts.

Learn more at www.sptool.com



The Ultimate Sensor And ECU Simulator Tester

Strategic Tools & Equipment’s Sensor and ECU Simulator eliminates trial and error and saves time when testing components for faults. It is not necessary to change components before confirming faults. Ensures test voltage applied is accurate.

Learn more at www.strategictq.com


89 Piece SAE And Metric Master Chrome Socket Set

SUNEX Tools Socket set features chrome vanadium sockets with hi-vis markings for easy identification and the unique 80 tooth ratchet for optimal strength and accessibility. Includes rugged 2-piece reinforced carrying case with steel latches.

Learn more at www.sunextools.com

110 Piece Portable Service Kit

Fully portable tool kit supplied in a hard-wearing flight case style carrying case complete with suspension wheels, retractable handle, and combination lock. The kit includes 9 Teng Tools TC trays that click together.




Extend Your Ratchet’s Reach in Tight Areas

Lightweight but durable die-cast aluminum housing, the Tite-Reach turns nuts and bolts with ZERO degrees of arc. Featuring a tough powder coat finish, this ratchet extender allows you to get into tight areas.

Learn more at www.tite-reach.com

State-of-the-art Socket and Wrench Sets Protect Finishes

For fine finishes, count on T MARK’s new line of state-of-the-art socket and wrench sets. Their tools are designed not to damage the finish on chrome or any soft alloy materials. Our thermoset composite is 50% lighter than metal and durable enough to get the job done.

Learn more at www.TMarkTools.com


Hydraulic Accurate Tube Bender

TubeShark® is perfect for the home shop, fabrication shop, race car or aircraft builder… anyone who needs a practical and affordable precision tube bender. The TubeShark Bends round & square tubing, bar stock & pipe.

Learn more at www.tubeshark.com





Super Thin Adjustable Wrench

This revolutionary new design is based on the wishes of dozens of professional service wrench users. Benefits include fewer wrenches in your heavy toolbox and covers many new fitting sizes that are otherwise unavailable.

Learn more at www.v8tools.com


Drill and Tap Extensions from Whitney Tool

Whitney Drill and Tap Extension sets are manufactured in the USA, using the finest materials available. Extensions allow extended reach to normally inaccessible areas.

Learn more at www.whitneytool.com



Rally Cross Mechanics Smartglove

With incredible dexterity and premium fitting, WTD Gloves are ready for every mechanical challenge. A glove with grip, durability, integrated abrasion protection on fingers and palm, with seamless palm & hand.

Learn more at www.wtdgloves.com


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