Industrial Grade Rebel from ESAB


ESAB Welding & Cutting Products unveiled its Rebel™ EMP 285ic multi-process welder for MIG, Flux-Cored and DC Stick and TIG welding. This 70-lb. unit will be available in two versions s. The 1-phase model, which accepts 90 – 270V primary power, provides a rated output of 285 amps at 40% duty cycle and maximum output of 300 amps/36 volts. The 3-phase model, which accepts 380 – 575V primary, provides a rated output of 285 amps at 50% duty cycle and maximum output of 350 amps/36 volts.

“Rebel 285ic is the most industrial Rebel yet. Rebel 285’s strong output enables users to gain the productivity benefits of spray transfer welding with .045-in. solid wires and .047-in. aluminum wires, as well as weld with the full range of .045- and .052-in. Flux-Cored wires,” says Doug Smith, Product Business Manager – Light/Industrial Arc Equipment, ESAB. In addition, the multiprocess Rebel EMP 235ic handles the larger diameter Stick electrodes and TIG rods.

Rebel 285 looks identical to Rebel 235 (it uses the same tough case) and features the same TFT LCD color display, Basic and Advanced Mode operation and sMIG (“smart MIG”) technology for quick and easy results when short circuit MIG welding. The sMIG function monitors the operator’s technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.

“You can actually hear sMIG fine tune the arc after a few seconds of welding, dialing in that perfect ‘sizzling bacon’ sound that signifies proper welding parameters,” says Smith. “This technology reduces downtime when changing parameters, helps train new operators and can improve consistency between welding stations.”

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