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Miller Releases New Portable, Flexible CST™ 282 Stick Welder


Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, has released the new CST 282 stick/TIG welder, designed for construction, shipbuilding, pipe welding and maintenance and repair applications. The new welder delivers lightweight portability and the flexibility to be plugged into nearly any source of primary power — so operators can get the work done in any location.

“Building on the reputation and legacy of previous CST machines, the CST 282 is a workhorse that offers dependable arc performance as well as portability, flexibility and durability — all in an easy-to-use package,” says Ken Stanzel, product manager, Miller. “When operators need ultimate portability, this power source is a small, durable, go-anywhere welder.”

Designed for jobsite stick and TIG welding, the power source provides 280 amps of welding performance. The machine includes a digital meter that provides precise control when presetting or monitoring welding amperage, so operators can be assured of their proper settings to produce quality welds. In addition, voltage reducing device (VRD) technology reduces output when the operator isn’t welding, improving safety by reducing the potential harm from inadvertent contact with the electrode during non-welding pauses. The CST 282 also includes Auto-Line™ power management technology — the first time this technology has been included in the CST lineup.

For small welding jobs or repairs, it’s critical to be able to easily move the power source to where it’s needed on the jobsite. The CST 282 weighs just 34.6 pounds, making it 6 pounds — or 15% — lighter than the previous CST model and 19 pounds — or 35% — lighter than similar competitive machines. This offers greater portability and benefits operator comfort and safety when moving the machine.

The power source also provides simplicity for operators, with a push-button interface that uses welder’s language to improve ease of use. Operators can see with a glance at the front panel how the machine is set up.

The CST 282 also offers flexibility regarding primary power and cable connections. Auto-Line power management technology ensures that operators can get high-quality arcs from virtually any incoming wall power. On some jobsites, operators may have to deal with “dirty” power, which can negatively affect welding arcs. With Auto-Line technology, the CST 282 delivers consistent, powerful arcs using single-phase or three-phase electrical service from 208 to 575 volts — even dirty power with dips and spikes. Any voltage spikes or dips are absorbed and smoothed by the machine, which helps protect arc quality.

In addition, a new Miller-exclusive universal output connector system can be used with both Tweco and Dinse-style connectors. Operators can convert the machine from one connector style to another — without having to take the machine apart or deal with adapters — for added convenience and flexibility.

Operators can also work anywhere there is 208 to 575 volts of AC power with the CST 282, providing better flexibility for a range of jobsites. Simply connect the machine and the system automatically adapts to the primary voltage it’s connected to, with no manual linking needed.

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