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The basic principle to getting your engine moving is you need three critical components that we all know by this point – fuel, air, and spark. These three variables have been propelling the internal combustion engine and FAST® has maintained a competitive advantage by bringing modern ignition technology to engine builders.

Transplant Kits for Ford Coyote Engines

FAST® has assembled an easy-to-install engine control package for Ford Coyote engine transplants.

Ideal for anyone wanting to swap a modern Ford Coyote engine into a classic muscle car or street rod, the FAST® Engine Transplant Kit includes a fully-tunable XFI Sportsman™ ECU, XIM™ ignition module, Valve Timing Control module, complete engine wire harness and a Coyote-specific Big Mouth® LT 87mm cable-driven throttle body.

Unlike other systems on the market that require you to convert over to a complicated throttle-by-wire accelerator pedal assembly, the FAST® kit allows you to retain your original car’s cable-style factory pedal assembly. This makes for a much easier kit installation, plus you will enjoy the benefit of better throttle response and a more “connected” feel to the engine’s power.

For applications using aftermarket stack-type induction systems, a kit without the throttle body is also available.

Protecting Your Engine from Over-Revs

For customers concerned about redline RPM and the possibility of over-revving the engine, the FAST® E6 Ignition is available with an adjustable rev limiter. Not only is this rev-limiting technology extremely accurate, it is the smoothest available, thanks to advanced sequential limiting technology.

The RPM limit is easily set with two rotary dials on the side of the ignition and can be adjusted in 100 RPM increments all the way through 9,900 RPM. This E6 is supplied with a Weatherpak connector and harness to ease installation, along with sturdy vibration mounts. The ignition can be used on distributor (mag), points or module-triggered 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines and is compatible with FAST® EFI systems or carbureted applications.

The E92 coil was designed for high-performance street engines running an E6-Series Ignition Control. The efficient E-core construction provides a secure housing that can handle the rigors of street and performance use while producing a high-output spark.  The extruded aluminum housing provides a durable mount and also acts as an effective heat sink.

Improving Classic Vehicle Performance and Drivability

Users can benefit from modern day, digital technology with the FAST® XR-i Replacement Module included in a new points conversion kit. This system will do away with points setting and float, which can rob engines of power and performance at high RPM.

The XR-i is a compact module that bolts directly in place of the breaker point assembly. It triggers from the factory cam lobe, meaning there are only two wires to connect during installation. The microcontroller of the module manages the signal and dwell time in the coil to produce a much higher output spark than the factory version. This will improve the performance and drivability of classic vehicles.

The built-in rev limiter also protects engines in the event of driveline failure or a missed shift. The XR-i kit is designed for classic Chevrolet, Ford, Oldsmobile and Pontiac V8 applications. It may be optionally used with the FAST® PS20 Coil to enhance the output of the factory ignition system. Thanks to CARB E.O. D-225-67, the FAST® XR-I Points Conversion Kit is also 50-state legal.

About FAST®

In 2001, FAST® was acquired by the COMP Performance Group™ and moved its headquarters to Memphis, TN, to become the popular electronics company that we know today. After more than a decade in the performance aftermarket industry, FAST® is the recognized leader in advanced EFI technology. Now, not only does FAST® offer the components to adapt virtually any engine to fuel injection, it is also an emerging force in the ignition market. With the latest in easy-to-use electrical components, the experts at FAST® have everything that you need to make high-tech horsepower.

Additional information about FAST® and its products can be found at or at 1.877.334.8355.


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