The Power to Revolutionize: Perfecting Valve Train Components


For Over 48 Years Ferrea has been manufacturing hard core racing engine valves and components for various types of engines in a wide range of categories worldwide. Their company uses the latest technological advances gained through the development of engine valve programs for Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR, Sprint Car, Drag and Road racing teams. This technology allows Ferrea to provide the highest level of performance and reliability for our customers. The association with many of the industry’s leading head manufactures has given Ferrea the opportunity to implement these race proven high quality designs for all categories of racing.

The proper type of design valve and material is crucial to the valve performance and reliability. Ferrea offers different blends of Titanium and Stainless Steel materials for each application.


Ferrea offers the finest titanium valve on the market. Their extensive R & D facility is constantly implementing new designs and processes, which continue to keep  Ferrea in the forefront of engine valve technology. Each valve is manufactured by forging a special high temperature titanium alloy with silicon. This high-temp alloy is considered a “special upgrade” by competitors; however, it has been the standard material in all of Ferrea’s exhaust and some intake valves for years.

The valves then undergo an extensive heat treatment and stress-relieving process to ensure molecular integrity and prolong the valve’s life. Each Ferrea titanium valve is meticulously machined in our own precision CNC machining centers where it must pass extensive quality control procedures.

The proprietary Chrome Nitride (CrN) coating sets the standard for valve manufacturers around the world. Ferrea’s unique CrN coating is applied uniformly to the entire valve, forming a protective insulating barrier from high engine temperatures. Ferrea’s CrN coating provides rapid heat dissipation to the valve guide surface, friction reduction, wear resistance, hardness, and allows dynamic valve train forces and valve flex stresses without delaminating or flaking. All of our special processes provide maximum performance and reliability, affording longer life in today’s professional racing engines.

Additional wear resistant coatings such as CrN or DLC can be applied to valve seat and/or tip areas at an extra charge. Please contact a Ferrea sales representative for pricing.


Ferrea super alloy valves represent the highest level of sophistication in valve technology. These valves are designed to handle the extreme heat requirements and punishment of today’s Nitro Fuels, Supercharged, Turbocharged, Nitrous Oxide, and Marine race motors. Many Top Fuel and Funny Car teams can confirm the performance and reliability of these valves which are now available for many engine combinations including Drag Race, Time Attack, Road Race, Endurance and Marine applications.

Ferrea has expanded our selection of stem diameters from 5mm to 3/8 stem size for every specific engine combination. This allows further improvement of their valve program in the Sport Compact market. The manufacturing of small engine valves has led their involvement with race teams competing globally in World Rally Challenge, Drag Racing, Drifting and Road Racing.


One important factor to take into consideration to increase the engine’s RPM’s, is the valve train weight. Of course, being the valve a main component, the design has to be perfected to accomplish the weight reduction to allow higher rpm’s.

Ferrea’s latest contribution in this area is our Lightweight Hollow Stem Valves. They developed a proprietary manufacturing process that gun drills and micro polishes the bore of a valve stem. This proprietary process insures greater structural integrity than any hollow valve on the market today. This achieves a valve reduction in weight of approximately 20 percent compared to a conventional stainless steel solid stem valve. The valves also feature friction welded tips, radial grooves, avionics chrome plated stems, seat hardness up to 42HRc and Super Flo designs to improve flow.

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