With AutomotiveTouchup, show and race car owners alike can paint their helmets to perfectly match their vehicle. With more than 60,000 OEM colors and more than 300,000 custom-mixed formulas, AutomotiveTouchup can create any color needed.

Mitch Mitchell, Show-Me Mustang Club Regional Director for Mustang Club of America, used AutomotiveTouchup paint to custom match his show car helmet to his Mustang Mach 1. Mitchell’s Mustang is a unique vehicle painted in a very limited production color called Azure Blue. This particular shade of blue was only ever placed on Mach 1 Mustangs and used for just two years before being removed from Ford’s color lineup. As the OEM no longer manufactures this color, Mitchell turned to AutomotiveTouchup to secure just the right color to match his beloved Mustang.

“AutomotiveTouchup makes the impossible possible. I come from a body shop and insurance background, so I am especially particular about paint match. I’ve used multiple products from AutomotiveTouchup, and I am impressed by all of them. They’re easy to use, high quality and I always get a perfect match,” Mitchell said.

In addition to the precise color match, the ease of use and affordability of the products drew Mitchell to AutomotiveTouchup products. Most repairs or custom paint jobs include going to the local paint supply store to purchase primers, sealers, base color coat, reducers for the paint, clear coat and catalyst, the hardener, along with thinners to clean up as well as expensive paint guns and equipment, thus spending hundreds of dollars in material.  Body shops charge for materials as well as a labor rate, which can also add up to hundreds of dollars. AutomotiveTouchup is a one-stop-shop with affordable prices, the necessary supplies and aerosol spray cans which achieve professional results with the fine mist sprayer.

“It truly is like using a professional paint gun when I use AutomotiveTouchup aerosol spray cans. The base coat color provides good coverage, the color matches for all three Mustangs I’ve matched products to or repaired has been excellent and the clear coat flows out so well and evenly to give a great shine,” Mitchell said. “There’s no need for me to spend hundreds of dollars to match my accessories to my Mustangs or to fix any paint problems anymore.”

As the Show-Me Mustang Club Regional Director of Mustang Club of America, Mitchell owns five Mustangs, with a 2019 Mustang California Special on order, and travels to Mustang shows across the country, taking a different car to different shows. All helmets presented with the cars at the shows are painted to match each specific Mustang. When he travels, he makes sure to pack AutomotiveTouchup paint in his detail bag for both the car and any last minute touch-ups.

Additionally, Mitchell has painted the fire extinguishers needed for his show cars to match his Mustangs, a true testament to his appreciation of the product, his attention to detail and dedication to making an impressive presentation of his beloved Mustangs.  According to Mitchell, the matching accessories give him an edge in the show competition because the color match is exact and looks visually striking against the Mustangs.

About AutomotiveTouchup

Headquartered in New Orleans, AutomotiveTouchup is a division of Microfinish LLC, which produces coatings for vehicular and industrial equipment repair and refinishing in a state-of-the-art facility.

For more information call 1.888.710.5192 or visit www.automotivetouchup.com/ or www.microfinish.com.  Follow on Facebook: facebook.com/automotivetouchupTwitter: @atu_microfinish or Instagram: @automotivetouchup


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