Why This Latest DEF Innovation Is a Game Changer for Diesel Engines – Including Your Tow Vehicle


Modern diesel exhaust systems are complex, technologically advanced and include multiple sub systems. Point of fact, today’s advanced diesel systems have resulted in an over 90 percent decrease in exhaust emissions since the 1990’s. What does this mean to race car haulers? Nearly every diesel-powered vehicle built since 2010 (yes, including hauler vehicles) is equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), meaning they require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to function. DEF is used to help break down toxic Nitrous Oxide emissions by converting them to water and nitrogen. DEF is classified as a nontoxic organic compound, and is carefully regulated by the American Petroleum Institute. 

Without DEF, race car haulers would be exposed to a number of complex problems. To put it simply, if the DEF warning is ignored, the vehicle will cease to work. Some diesel engine manufacturers allow the engine to go into reduced power mode, limiting the number of times you can turn the engine over. Inevitably, at some point the diesel engine will not start and the vehicle will be left with costly repairs across the board. However, not just any DEF will do. 

Since the inception of SCR, there have been issues with deposit build-up, especially with low quality DEF. Low speed operation, extended idling, short trip, and stop and go driving can prevent the SCR system from reaching and maintaining optimal temperatures and result in deposit buildup. Deposit buildup can choke off the exhaust system causing a reduction of power and economy. Once this buildup accumulates, it can require time consuming dis-assembly, mechanical cleaning or component replacement to make the system functional again. 

Deposit build-up can lead to back pressure, resulting in increased fuel consumption and reduced engine power – not ideal for haulers. Worse case, the hauler engine can de-rate to a crawl or completely shut down until repairs are made, leaving the vehicle dead on the road. Since these deposits cannot be removed and can lead to costly repairs, the industry has been looking for a breakthrough for the past several years. That is, until BlueDEF PLATINUM from Old World Industries. 

BlueDEF PLATINUM is a mixture of high-quality synthetic urea, deionized water and a proprietary formulation. The formulation features new ADVANCED SYSTEM SHIELD™ TECHNOLOGY, which with regular use, significantly reduces harmful deposits that commonly build up in modern diesel exhaust systems with SCR. Reducing harmful deposits not only provides optimum fuel economy, but ultimately sustains the life of the system. Without the SCR system that requires DEF and other related systems, diesel vehicles would run far less efficiently at a much higher cost. 

Use BlueDEF PLATINUM with ADVANCED SYSTEM SHIELD™ TECHNOLOGY to prevent SCR system deposits from forming. Only from the makers of BlueDEF – the #1 US Supplier of Diesel Exhaust Fluid – BlueDEF PLATINUM with ADVANCED SYSTEM SHIELD™ TECHNOLOGY protects your SCR system from costly, time consuming repairs. After all, the race can’t be won if the race car hauler doesn’t even make it to the track! 

BlueDEF PLATINUM is manufactured under ISO 22241 guidelines to ensure the highest product quality and is API registered, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications for diesel exhaust fluid.

To learn more about this exciting innovation, go to www.BlueDEFPlatinum.com.



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