Improves Horsepower, Reduces Wear and Extends Oil Change Intervals

Hot Shot’s Secret, a leading brand of high-performance additives and specialty oils developed with nano-lubricant technology, now expands their Blue Diamond PAO diesel engine oil line with a new 10w-30 offering for heavy- duty use diesel powered vehicles.

All Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond Oils utilize 100% poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) Group IV synthetic oil and high-quality Group V esters for a 100% synthetic formula. Previously introduced in two viscosities, 15w-40 and 5w-40, this new 10w-30 viscosity expands the Blue Diamond oil line to meet additional engine oil specifications.

By using 100% synthetic Group IV and Group V base oils, a robust CK-4 additive package, and the infusion of patented FR3 nano lubricant technology, Blue Diamond PAO 10w-30 oil provides an unsurpassed level of longevity and performance unlike other synthetic oils.

Benefits include improved starting, increased power and fuel economy, reduced soot, extended engine life, and reduced friction.

With improved oxidation, shearing, and thermal stability, Blue Diamond 10w-30 is a more fortified oil than competitive brands that resists breakdown allowing for longer drain intervals; all while reducing engine wear up to 71% better than CJ-4 specifications. Oil change intervals can be extended up to every 50-100K miles if the oil is monitored every 10,000 miles for the Total Base Number (TBN). This oil also requires a very small amount of viscosity improvers to meet the weight specification, allowing it to be formulated with additional additives to improve performance.

Severe Duty Blue Diamond and Adrenaline Racing Lines

The formulations protect against some of the major causes of transmission failure, including extreme heat, fluid oxidation and a lack of proper lubrication.

Both formulas, Severe Duty Blue Diamond +4/D3/M5 and Adrenaline Pro Shift +4, are developed from combined 100% poly-a-olefin (PAO) Group IV and high-quality Group V synthetic oils. For added protection, the transmission fluid formulas are infused with Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 nano carbon lubricant technology. FR3 improves shearing and oxidation stability, film strength, removes varnish and sludge deposits and reduces friction and heat. This patented nano technology lubricates and fills in the microscopic irregularities on machined surfaces to extend the life of the transmission while under heavy load, challenging terrain or the stress of high horsepower or torque.


Blue Diamond +4/D3/M5 is recommended for the most common ATF specifications, including but not limited to ATF+4, DEXRON III and MERCON V. It is formulated to protect against fluid breakdown that is common with severe duty applications, such as heavy towing and challenging terrain and will help clutches, bearings and bushings last longer and perform better.

Adrenaline Pro Shift +4 was formulated specifically for high horsepower, high torque racing applications. This formula promotes quick, non-slip shifts and provides superior protection for any race application. Third party testing demonstrates improved horsepower up to 3% over the leading national brand. This fluid formula meets the specific requirements of Fiat Chrysler (FCA) automatic transmissions and certain Hyundai and Mitsubishi transmissions. It is fully back- serviceable and can be used wherever ATF+3, ATF+2 or ATF+ is specified. Both new transmission fluid formulas are backed by a money back guarantee.


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