Steering in the Right Direction


35 years ago, in 1986, IDIDIT was founded from a passion for hot rods and classic vehicles. The company started in the garage of our founder, Ken Callison. Ken was a true hot rodder at heart and started by manufacturing one-off trick parts for hot rods.

Ken was asked by a fellow hot rodder if he could make a billet aluminum tilt steering column. As word spread of these columns, the demand amongst friends grew. Ken started taking these columns to local swap meets to sell them as well. One day while at a swap meet a gentleman walked up to their table and picked up a piece and asked who made it, Ken replied “I did”. The man went on to pick up several more pieces asking the same thing and received the same answer.  The man finally said to Ken “No way, you’re not smart enough to make stuff this nice”. Ken had enough and reached across the table grabbed the man by his lapels and said, “Look here, @!*#?@!, I DID IT”! And that is how the company got its name, IDIDIT.

Not Just the for Hot Rod Market

IDIDIT has traditionally been recognized as a street rod, muscle car company, while true that is not the only thing that we supply steering columns and accessories for.  IDIDIT manufactures steering columns and accessories to fit virtually any classic car, truck, and Jeep on the road. We have always listened to the market’s demands to help guide us to the next area of interest, we also pride ourselves in employing people who have a passion for the industry. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of interest in lightweight products for performance vehicles.  IDIDIT Performance now offers those lightweight steering columns and accessories for performance vehicles. We have doubled down on our commitment to making performance products and hired engineers with racing backgrounds with the desire is to create more lightweight performance products that improve driver safety.

The Quality Standard

Producing the highest quality products is what IDIDIT stands on.  Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. This was something our founders were very passionate about and is something that has remained a focus of the company all along.  Most of our raw materials are sourced within a 500-mile radius of our factory.  By purchasing local raw materials and manufacturing in-house we can ensure that superior components and workmanship are being used to produce our top-quality products.  We do not offshore our products, assembly them, and label them as American made.

 IDIDIT has specialized in the steering column business longer than anyone else in this business. Over the past 35 years, we have been able to fine tune the finishes of our products and figure out what works best and what does not work. The finishes that IDIDIT offer are far superior to our competition. Our paintable steel has been fully hand prepared and smoothed so that it really is ready for paint. Our competitors offer a mill finish that will require several hours of hand finishing before it is ready for paint. Our chrome is true triple-plated nickel chrome, there is no substitute. Our black powder coated finish is second to none. We are extremely selective with our powder coating finish and have worked for years to dial in our process, so you get a uniform finish free of orange peel or blemishes.

IDIDIT offers steering columns for almost every vehicle out there, our inside joke is if you can dream it, we can build it!  IDIDIT offers many direct-fit Retrofit columns that are make, model, year specific. If you cannot find a Retrofit column to fit your vehicle, we also offer Universal Columns. Our Universal Columns come in Straight, Tilt, Tile and Telescoping, and Shorty set-ups. We created custom column forms for our Universal Series steering columns as a guide to help you determine what measurements you‘ll need to make your custom column the way you want it. 

The Accessories

IDIDIT not only offers steering columns but we also offer the accessories needed to complete the look of your steering column.  Starting from the top of the column working toward the bottom, we offer the steering wheel adapter, dash mount, floor mount, and shafting to tie into your gearbox or rack and pinion. When purchasing our Column Shift models you may also need cable shift linkage and a shift indicator. Other available options include cruise control on the column, dimmer switch, steering wheel quick release hubs, IDIDIT turn-key or push-to-start ignition systems, dress-up knobs and levers, and digital dash mounts for your performance vehicles.

IDIDIT has an in-house customer service team and tech support that is unrivaled when it comes to knowledge and passion of the industry and our products. We are certified in ISO9001:2015 with design and have an in-house engineering staff that is growing so we can continually develop safer, more innovative products. IDIDIT is so sure of the quality and durability of our columns and the proprietary tilt castings we use that we offer the best warranty in the industry, a Lifetime Warranty!

If you would like to learn more about IDIDIT and the products that we offer please contact us by calling 517-424-0577 or visit us on the web at 


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