Buyers Beware – Purchase From Authorized AEM Performance Electronics Dealers To Avoid Counterfeit Products

AEM has identified certain AEM Performance Electronics products that were counterfeited and are being sold. AEM obtained counterfeit samples of the products listed below. The samples that were received arrived in either non-functioning condition or performed well below safe performance standards.

The counterfeited products we have identified are:

  • Digital Wideband Gauge, PN: 30-4110
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, PN: 25-302BK
  • High Flow Fuel Pump, E85 Compatible, PN: 50-1200
  • High Flow Fuel Pump, E85 Compatible, PN: 50-1005
  • F/IC Fuel Ignition Controller, PN: 30-1910 (Discontinued 1/7/2019)
  • F/IC Fuel Ignition Controller, PN: 30-1911 (Discontinued 2/18/2019)
  • Adjustable Cam Gear, PN: 23-802BK


We have created a list of the online stores and companies who are selling COUNTERFEIT AEM Performance Electronics Products that you can download Here. Some of the product listings have been removed, but links are still live for their stores.

Counterfeiting is a serious crime, and more importantly, counterfeit products pose a grave risk to our customers due to inferior design, construction and use of materials. We do not want to see anyone’s life put at risk which is why we are publishing this list of known sellers of COUNTERFEIT AEM Performance Electronics products.


The best way to avoid the purchase of COUNTERFEIT AEM Performance Electronics products is to purchase from an authorized online AEM Dealer and/or reputable performance products installer. We provide a Dealer Finder on our website and urge you to verify that the reseller from whom you are making your purchase is included on that list. Pay special attention to 3rd party sellers on popular auction sites and make sure they are authorized dealers before purchasing.

If you are a dealer who purchases AEM Performance Electronics from an Authorized Warehouse Distributor and would like to be added to our Authorized Dealer list, we welcome you to contact us by clicking Here. A member of our sales team will verify your information and contact you.


Avoid Ultra-low Prices. “If it sounds too good to be true, it is”. The easiest way to identify counterfeit products is if it has a very low price. In many cases, pricing that is much lower than advertised prices from Authorized Dealers is an indicator that a product is counterfeit, as are special discounts that are added to significantly lower the price of a product.

Do Your Homework on Merchants. Just because a website looks professional it does not mean that it is run by a professional business. Research the merchant you are considering through reviews and the Better Business Bureau, review their About and FAQ page for inconsistencies and check to see if they have an acceptable return policy.

When purchasing from an auction site or third-party seller, it is highly recommended to look for contact details within the listing (email, phone number, physical address) or confirm that the auction site or third-party seller can be crosslinked to a brick and mortar location that has a traditional website. These steps will help to ensure that are purchasing from a reputable seller and that you can communicate with them for product support or order/shipping details. Again, the best way to ensure a positive experience is by purchasing through an Authorized Dealer.

Take an Educated Approach. In some cases, the price of a counterfeit product may be only slightly lower than the price of a legitimate product. By comparing prices from reputable authorized dealers, consumers can best determine the fair market value of a legitimate product vs. a counterfeit one. Fair market prices tend to be relatively consistent for a variety of reasons, including the inherent value of a legitimate product derived from quality engineering, the use of quality materials and manufacturing processes, and the reseller’s ability to provide the best possible service.

Additional Resources:

Consumer Reports – How to Spot Counterfeits

International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition – Don’t Be Duped Into Buying Fakes

U.S Customs and Border Protection – Fake Goods, Real Dangers

About AEM

AEM creates innovative new products that set the standard in the performance aftermarket, delivering the highest level of product integrity and making advanced technologies accessible to the racing masses. AEM believes that positive customer experience is the key to their success. They achieve this success by delivering products that produce an exceedingly high level of gratification. AEM has a deep appreciation for every racer, enthusiast and distribution partner who chooses to trust their products and will always strive to provide an unparalleled customer service experience. They will evolve to meet the support needs of our customers and they will put their customers first. AEM will continue to set the standard for service and support in the industry.

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