Mustangs Finish In Final Four At Formula Drift: Orlando


What a wild weekend for Vaughn and his RTR team! Making contact with the wall in the final run of practice before the Top 32 began, Vaughn’s team put on an incredible display of preparation and teamwork to get him from tow truck to his first battle in under 20 minutes. Taking to the track versus Dean Kearney in a car resembling Mad Max more than a Mustang, Vaughn would get the win capping off one of the greatest comebacks in FD history. However, Vaughn wasn’t done and continued winning into the evening before finishing fourth overall.

This weekend we really came into our new cars with respect to all the major changes we made in the off season” said Vaughn. “Between round one and this weekend’s battles we defined what our new refined suspension and new tires need to excel in the heat of competition.”

Vaughn’s RTR teammate, Chelsea DeNofa, would finish third and together the duo helped Ford take the overall points lead in the Auto Cup standings.

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