Symphony of Precision: CP-Carrillo Connecting Rods


Carrillo Connecting rods were founded by Fred Carrillo in 1963. Fred approached the challenges of manufacturing with the idea of no compromise. He knew the never ending quest for speed would require the same desire in component manufacturing. This Carrillo philosophy is as evident today as it was at Carrillo’s conception in 1963.

Quality and pride go hand-in-hand at CP-Carrillo. Manufacturing a CP-Carrillo rod is much more than cutting a forging, meeting production goals and shipping deadlines. The design of connecting rods has evolved into a collaboration of skilled specialists. Every connecting rod is a symphony of precision: material specialist, forging precision, production craftsman, design engineers and engine specialists each contribute know-how and artistry.

Feedback from their customers helps continuously improve their products. The close relationship between customer, engineering and manufacturing yields the most effective rod design, while improving accuracy and service. CP-Carrillo’s dimensional integrity is comparable to none.

Manufacturing Aluminum Connecting Rods

Each Aluminum connecting rod is manufactured from a forging, enabling proper grain flow and removal of any surface inclusions or conversions that usually accompanies the forging process. Each lot of forgings is independently inspected and certified. By insuring proper grain flow, the strength and durability of each CP-Carrillo Aluminum rod becomes more consistent and reliable from the first point of manufacturing all the way to the extreme uses in the racing world.

Engineering Aluminum

CP-Carrillo has been building its image for many years and takes great pride in every rod that ships out the door. Because of this, each rod is thoroughly designed using a 3D software package, R&D programs and FEA Modeling. Many aspects go into designing a successful Aluminum connecting rod.

Features Include:

  • Greater cross-sectional strength
  • Superior bolts
  • High-quality materials (7000 series and Scandium Enhanced Aluminum)
  • Arc Serration- not concentric to the bolt hole, allowing oil to escape during assembly and operation
  • Lighter design
  • Custom options (Pin End burnishing, ASF treatment to name a few)

CP-Carrillo connecting rods are ISO 9001:2008 certificated in recognition of its standardized best practice production techniques.

NHRA/ IHRA Stock Replacement Rods

There are 80 different classes competing in NHRA Stock Eliminator. Over half of the 50 top competitors use CP-Carrillo products. As the industry leader in applying today’s leading edge technology, we make every effort to provide you with the maximum horsepower and performance gains while still conforming to NHRA regulations. If you do not find your application, please give us a call. New rods are constantly added and we’ll be glad to take care of the approval process for you.

Connecting rods available with H-11 tool steel or Multiphase fasteners. All sets weight matched to +/- 1 gram per end.

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