Earning their bones in the fast-paced world of NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car Classes, Strange Engineering has become the standard by which high-performance, drag racing rear ends and rear end parts are measured. Amateur and professional racers alike know that they can trust Strange Pro Race Axles to be the most durable in the industry while remaining the best value on the market today.

How do they do it? Strange Pro Race Axles are made from a steel alloy that was originally intended for use in military aircraft landing gear. Hy-Tuf is in a class of ultra-strength alloys configured with a low concentration of carbon and high degrees of manganese, nickel, and molybdenum steel. Strange Pro Race Axles are through-hardened to a tensile strength of 240,000 psi allowing them to retain the necessary degree of ductility required for elite level drag racing.

Strange Pro Race 40-Spline gun-drilled axles are ten-percent lighter and 54-percent stronger than 35-spline solid axles. Gun-drilling is a process of removing the core of the axle shaft and leaving a .875-inch hole. Five 1-inch diameter holes are drilled in the axle flange to further reduce rolling mass. Strange 40-Spline gun-drilled axles are rated for vehicles that weigh 3,500-pounds or more and can post quarter-mile elapsed times of less than seven seconds.

Strange 2-piece axles are used by NHRA pros like Pro Stock Champions Greg Anderson, Allen Johnson, Jason Line, and Erica Enders. The Strange 2-piece axle is stronger and safer than a conventional 1-piece axle with larger, double row ball-bearings housed in 3.5-inch outside diameter (1.968-inch inside diameter) aluminum cartridge. This lightweight design promotes low friction and reduces wheel deflection.

After more than 50-years of providing the ultimate drag racing axle, Strange knows what axles to stock for specific applications. Our in-stock inventory reflects experience and we are willing to prove it. If we don’t stock your axle, we’ll manufacture a custom axle for you at no additional cost and deliver it in a timely manner. Strange Pro Race 40-spline, and 40-spline 2-piece axles, are the best value on the market. The Strange 5-Year replacement guarantee doesn’t hurt, either.

C-Clip Drag Racing Axles

Strange Engineering, a leader in driveline and suspension for over 50 years, continues to evolve its product line to meet the needs of today’s car enthusiasts with the addition of c-clip style axles to its popular S-Series Alloy Axle line-up. Made with the same quality as the proven S-Series line, the Strange C-Clip Style axles are significantly stronger than the typicalOEM axles. The S-Series axles are forged from SAE 1550 Modified Steel andwhen combined with a deeper heat treat that increases torsional strength, the axles can reliably handle the power and torque of your built up hot rod. The axles cover popular 30 spline GM 12-bolt car applications from the 60’s and 70’s as well as 31 spline applications for the ’94-present Ford Mustangs. The affordable Strange S-Series Alloy C-clip axles do not require any modification to the factory housings and will work with factory bearings, seals and studs.   

Part #’s

P3020 – (64-67 A-Body GM)(67-69 F-Body GM)

P3026 – (70-72 F-Body GM)(68-72 A-Body GM)

P3110 – (94-98 Mustang)

P3111 – (99-04 Mustang)

P3112 – (05-Present Mustang)

WEBSITE: www.strangeengineering.net
PHONE: 800-646-7618


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