Comp Cams

FAST® Supercharger & Cam Power Packages for Dodge Gen III Hemi & GM LS Engines

FAST® introduces the first-ever Supercharger & Cam Power Packages that combine an Edelbrock Supercharger & COMP Cams Valve Train Cam kit for Dodge Gen III Hemi & GM LS engines. Kits include...

COMP Cams® FSL ™ Series Camshaft Expansion for GM LS Engines

COMP Cams® recently introduced the first performance aftermarket camshaft in almost 20 years to pass the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (E.O.) process for a domestic engine, and now...

Competition Ready, COMP Cams

In terms of performance, the crisp, immediate throttle response, excellent repeatability, and the fact that they are relatively easy on valve train parts are why many racers turn to COMP Cams. For more...

COMP Cams FSL Series Camshaft for GM L99 Engines

The FSL Series Camshaft for GM L99 Engines provides 30-50 HP gain, with no reprogramming required, and certified emissions compliance in all 50 states. For more information, visit

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